Iberdrola Award for internationalization

On 10/17/2017, Boslan Engineering and Consultancy received recognition from Iberdrola at the Supplier of the Year Awards ceremony.

The event was held at the Iberdrola Tower – Bilbao, the company’s headquarters, and was chaired by the Chairman of Iberdrola Spain, Mr. Francisco Martínez Córcoles.

Boslan was a finalist, among more than 18,000 suppliers around the world, in the Internationalization chapter, where it stands out, among other activities, for its technical engineering support for Offshore projects.

The award was collected on behalf of Boslan by our General Director Iñaki Villanueva Ortueta from Mr. Asís Canales Abaitua Director of Purchasing and Insurance of Iberdrola.

This award is a great boost to continue working on our firm commitment to internationalization and permanent improvement in the quality of our services, underlining one of our hallmarks, which is the company’s commitment to collaborate and share the objectives of our Customers.

Iñaki Villanueva Ortueta, in addition to showing our gratitude to Iberdrola for granting this award, wants to make each and every one of the people who make up Boslan part of it.

premio iberdrola2

With more than 20 years of experience, Boslan is a modern, consolidated and solvent company supported by its numerous references developed for an important portfolio of Clients, by the implementation of an integrated quality, environment and safety management system and occupational health applicable to each and every job


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