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BOSLAN is a pioneer in Spain in the management of green hydrogen projects and OnShore and OffShore wind farms, and has experience in the integral management of renewable gas projects from their initial phase, carrying out feasibility studies (technical-economic), project phase, developing the engineering and processing of permits and licenses, as well as in the construction phase, performing contract engineering functions and technical assistance in the purchase of equipment, in addition to construction management and supervision.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen comes from an electrolysis reaction produced in the H2O molecule thanks to the 100% participation of renewable energy, with a zero carbon footprint. Hence its name green hydrogen, as opposed to blue or gray hydrogen.


Pioneers in the comprehensive management of hydrogen projects


The energy future starts today

It will be a key vector in the global response to climate change

Offshore Wind


Wind energy being the green energy par excellence, the saturation of onshore wind turbine parks is producing growing social rejection, due to the environmental impact and visual pollution they produce. As an alternative, offshore wind power will increase its current production fivefold in Europe in the next decade, going on to play a decisive role in countries with long coastlines, such as Spain.


The decisive role in the decarbonization process


Challenges of offshore production

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The qualification and experience of our professionals, closeness to the Client, social responsibility, commitment to the natural environment and continuous improvement are our hallmarks.

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With more than 20 years of experience, Boslan is a modern, consolidated and solvent company supported by its numerous references developed for an important portfolio of Clients, by the implementation of an integrated quality, environment and safety management system and occupational health applicable in each and every job

We have a multidisciplinary human team of nearly 900 qualified and experienced professionals equipped with the most advanced tools integrated into a professional and close organization that allows us to approach each project in an integral manner, as well as guarantee an agile, personalized and reliable response with the levels of quality required.

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Comprehensive management of projects in their different phases (Feasibility, Design, Execution, Testing and Commissioning) covering all Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Control disciplines.


Specialized technical advice in the areas: Electricity, Gas and Hydrocarbons and Information Technologies.

Technical Services

Complementary operation and maintenance work: Testing and commissioning of equipment and systems, Computerization of networks and documents, and specialized training.


More than 20 years offering specialized services based on commitment, trust and closeness to the client thanks to the qualifications and experience of our professionals


Committed to the surroundings and the environment, we are committed to sustainable development in all our activities, services and projects.


We work on the transformation of the sector, leading and collaborating in different strategic projects, relying on the most advanced technologies.

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