Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore wind will be a key vector in the global response to climate change. Following The Paris Agreement, more than 130 countries have now set or are considering a target of reducing emissions to net zero by mid-century.

In Europe, in July 2021 the EU adopted a series of legislative proposals that intend to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, including the intermediate target of a 55% net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Offshore wind is becoming one of the pillars of these decarbonization policies, and its share of new wind installations keeps growing.

Offshore wind will maintain exponential growth in the coming decades.  The GWEC expects the volume of new annual offshore installations to more than triple in five years, from 6.1 GW/year in 2020 to more than 20 GW/year in 2025.



Comprehensive projects

With experts in the different foundation solutions, XXL monopiles and floating solutions, high power Offshore substations, mechanical completion and loading, Offshore and Electrical Safety procedures, and WTG quality inspections, BOSLAN provides a comprehensive solution to its clients, in the 4 geographic platforms: Europe, America, Brazil and Asia-Pacific.

For the entire business cycle

BOSLAN will lead all the services in the Offshore Wind Energy Projects throughout the development of the project.



Conceptual design


Construction and commissioning


Cross-cutting services

Cross-cutting services

  • Análisis Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Feasibility Studies
  • OPEX/CAPEX Analysis
  • Project control, scheduling, cost control, risk control
  • Contract Management, claims & warranties legal and technical support
  • Windfarm layout optimisation
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Independend assessments


  • Permitting
  • Marine, fishing, USO coordination
  • Environmental permitting
  • Geothecnical services
  • Metocean analisis
  • Bathimetric and GIS consultancy services
  • Wind resource
  • Marine survey



  • WTG design
  • TSA negotiation support
  • Technical bids management
  • Root Case Analysis and Operative Experience
  • Manufacturing & Expediting control and surveillance
  • Quality inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Loading analysis
  • Third-party technical evaluation


  • Fixed and Floating Foundation Design
  • Technical specifications
  • Contract management
  • Expediting & manufacturing control and surveillance
  • Quality inspections: welding, NDT, coating certification
  • Site Management
  • Fabrication & Expediting control and surveillance
  • Quality inspections
  • Port Logistic

Offshore & onshore substations

  • Offshore platform layout
  • Civil & Structural conceptual and detailed design
  • Electrical & Mechanical design
  • PC&M studies
  • Electrical noise modelling
  • Statcom support
  • PC&M diagrams
  • Easthing design
  • SCADA and IT technical support
  • Site Management
  • Fabrication & Expediting control and surveillance
  • Quality inspections
  • Port Logistic
  • Transport & Installation
  • Load Out and MWS support services
  • Commissioning services
  • Electrical Safety Rules, Subject Experts and Control Room
wind boslan 1
wind boslan 2


  • Cable design and optimization
  • Submarine cable calculation
  • Auxiliar equipment and mooring systems
  • Technical specification
  • Fabrication, testing T&I support
  • Offshore cable routing
  • Landfall assessment
  • Cable protection systems

Electrical & Grid

  • Grid connection management
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Gap análisis Geotechnical – Grid infra
  • Electrical risk assessment
  • Code compliance
  • Losses calculation
  • Harmonic filers
  • Electircal system studies: load Flow, shortcircuit, harmonics,…
  • Design optimisation
  • Grid operator interface
  • HAZID/HAZOP report
  • Employer requirements assurance


  • O&M contract management
  • Claims & warranties manageent
  • Risk interface management
  • O&M handover assurance
  • Opertive experience
  • Control Room operation
  • Regulatory authorities interface
  • Risk leveles adefinition