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Storage and transport systems in hydrogen-based energy systems must be robust, reliable and adapted to each type of consumption and application.

Due to the fact that the amount of energy provided by hydrogen per unit volume is very low, it is usually necessary to reduce its volume by compressing or cooling it until it liquefies.

The development of new materials is making it possible to store it at higher pressures, thus gaining in efficiency.

At present, tanks made of different materials can be used:

  • Metallic (type I)
  • Metallic with carbon fiber coating (type II)
  • Composite with metal coating (type III)
  • Composite with polymeric coating (type IV)


In this context, the challenges addressed in the EcoH2Mov project focus on the development of innovative, lightweight, sustainable and highly efficient type IV hydrogen storage tanks for mobility applications. They are also looking for the possibility of increasing storage pressure, recyclability and the possibility of designing tanks with geometries that are better adapted to the systems where they will be integrated.

The EcoH2Mov project is included in the HAZITEK program to support business R&D of the Basque Government and is formed by a consortium of 9 companies in which Boslan collaborates.

With the support of the CEIT technology center, Boslan participates in the analysis of regulations concerning hydrogen facilities; in the definition of tank specifications and sizing; in the simulation of composite tank conditions and in the monitoring installation.

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