BOSLAN participates in the R&D Project EcoH2Mov

The challenges faced in the EcoH2Mov project are focused on the development of lightweight, sustainable and highly efficient type IV hydrogen storage tanks for mobility applications.

This project is included in the HAZITEK program to support business R&D of the Basque Government and is formed by a consortium of 9 companies:

Collaborating Companies

ProtecArisawaEurope, Mariskone, Rotobasque, Argolabeingeniería, C.A.E., S.L. Fidegas, Arizaga, Bastarrica y Compañía, Electroquímica de Hernani and Innovation Tree

With the support of the CEIT technology center, Boslan participates in:

  • Analysis of regulations concerning hydrogen facilities.
  • Definition of tank specifications and sizing.
  • Simulation of composite tank conditions.
  • Monitoring installation.

+ INFO: EcoH2Mov Project


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