IT and Telecommunication project

In a business environment, networks are much more than the LANs, WANs, routers and switches that comprise them. The mission of networks is to bring agility and competitiveness to any organization. Network integration is the means to make information flow quickly and smoothly between employees, customers and partners. Therefore, productivity and efficiency depend on a network that is always up, running and highly available.

We value technology lifecycle management as a service that assesses IT infrastructures as well as network assets, helping to identify installed network assets, their lifecycle status and the calculation of maintenance coverage. Our commitment is to ensure that companies and organizations do not expose themselves to unnecessary risk by implementing best practices for configuration, security and management of network assets.

Given the key role that the network plays in the adoption of new technologies and processes, we can help you prepare your network.

At Boslan_SN3, we offer enterprise network design, installation, configuration and maintenance services, including:

  • General Networking:
    – SDN-SDA (Access): Cisco DNA Center, Cisco ISE
  • Industrial Networks:
    – Micro-segmentation
    – Asset identification
    – Vulnerability analysis
    – Monitoring of malicious logs
    – IT/OT segmentation
    – Business continuity planning
    – CyberVISION
  • Inter-network SD-WAN, Global SD-WAN
  • ACI: Multipod, ACI health Test, ACI redundancy, VMware Integration, ACI + SD-WAN + ISD Integration, Nexus
  • WIFI 6
  • Network code development
  • Data-Center Networks
  • Secure Network Analytics / ThousandEyes
  • DNA Spaces

Cybersecurity: In an ever-changing environment with APTs and other security threats, coupled with the pressure to comply with IT regulations, Boslan_SN3 ensures cybersecurity services and solutions suitable for every type of organization, institution or company, regardless of its size, sector or security level.

Today, it is essential for those involved in the enterprise to ensure resilient security for virtualization, mobility and cloud solutions. Corporate security is a complex objective and the stakes are high. A security breach could expose a company to serious financial and reputational damage. Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Hacking & Consulting, PenTesting, IT/OT security.
  • Data Center & Security
  • Integration & Delivery
  • Security Services
  • Anti-DDoS

Security Operations Center (SOC): The SOC model is a set of complementary, modular and scalable solutions designed to provide our customers with the ability to anticipate, detect and respond to advanced threats, as well as provide robust solutions for our customers.

With more than 20 years of experience, Boslan is a modern, consolidated and solvent company supported by its numerous references developed for an important portfolio of Clients, by the implementation of an integrated quality, environment and safety management system and occupational health applicable to each and every job


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