Environmental Commitment at Boslan: Reforestation and Circular Economy

At Boslan, we are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. Today we want to share two exciting initiatives:

1. Reforestation in Caminorisco II: We are planting 100 trees in the Caminorisco II forest, which will absorb approximately 24.2 tons of CO2. This effort is part of an ambitious project to plant more than 21,000 trees in Cáceres, with an estimated total absorption of 4,600 tons of CO2.

2. Circular Economy in Brazil: Our colleagues in Brazil are giving a second life to obsolete PPE. They have converted old overalls into bags, tool holders and hats, thus promoting reuse and waste reduction.

At Boslan, we are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Every action counts to build a greener future.

With more than 20 years of experience, Boslan is a modern, consolidated and solvent company supported by its numerous references developed for an important portfolio of Clients, by the implementation of an integrated quality, environment and safety management system and occupational health applicable to each and every job


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