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Focused on meeting the growing demands for strategic information and informed decision making in highly competitive industries, Boslan provides BI solutions ranging from server management to predictive model development.

  • Featured Services:

1. Data Analytics for the Energy Sector: Boslan offers specific BI solutions for companies in the energy sector that enable them to track energy consumption and production in detail, identify usage patterns and market trends, as well as analyze operational efficiency and asset performance.

2. Data Analytics for the Telecommunications Sector: Boslan provides specialized BI tools for telecommunications companies, enabling them to gain valuable insights into service usage, customer satisfaction, network performance, and identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

3. Cybersecurity Analytics: With the constant increase in cyber threats, Boslan has developed BI solutions to help organizations monitor, identify and mitigate security risks. These solutions provide reports for data analysis derived from and monitoring of our clients’ cybersecurity departments.


  • Key Features of Boslan Business Intelligence Services:

– Server Management:

Boslan offers server administration and configuration services, licensing and user support, ensuring uninterrupted access to data and guaranteeing optimal system performance.

– ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data):

Boslan’s team of experts ensures accurate extraction, transformation and loading of data from various sources for analysis, ensuring data integrity and consistency in reporting.

– Data Preparation:

Boslan performs thorough data preparation to optimize the analysis process, ensuring that data is consistent, clean and ready for analysis.

– Dashboard Development:

Boslan’s BI experts design and develop customized dashboards that provide a clear and concise view of key data, facilitating informed and strategic decision making.

– Predictive Modeling:

Boslan uses advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques to develop accurate predictive models that help clients anticipate trends and take proactive action.

With more than 20 years of experience, Boslan is a modern, consolidated and solvent company supported by its numerous references developed for an important portfolio of Clients, by the implementation of an integrated quality, environment and safety management system and occupational health applicable to each and every job


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