The Chira-Soria reversible pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant is an essential infrastructure to advance towards the sustainability of the new energy model in the Canary Islands.

The facility will take advantage of the existence of two large reservoirs, the Chira and Soria dams, located in the interior of the island to build a 200 MW pumped hydroelectric power plant with 3.5 GWh of storage between them.

This project will lead to a greater guarantee of supply for Gran Canaria, by increasing the installed power and reinforcing the security of the energy system, will allow an increase in the integration of renewable energies, by having an essential facility to take advantage of the surplus of renewable energies and integrate a greater amount of indigenous energy, causing a 20% reduction in annual CO2 emissions, providing greater energy independence to the Canary Islands, as well as representing a significant cost saving and a boost to the local labor market.

Boslan and Fhecor’s offer has been based on the experience in plants of similar characteristics, both in Europe and South America, for leading companies in this type of projects.