Martín de la Jara wind farm and “El Álamo 220 kV” transformer substation

We began engineering work on the property for the construction of the Martín de la Jara wind farm (36 MW) and the expansion of the “El Álamo 220 kV” transformer substation.

The wind farm consists of 9 Vestas wind turbines, model V150 HH105m of 4 MW of unitary power, which will be evacuated to the SET El Álamo electrical substation through a 30 kV subway and overhead evacuation line.

BOSLAN INGENIERIA Y CONSULTORIA will provide technical assistance for the supervision and monitoring of the correct execution of the civil works, electromechanical assembly of the wind farm, substation and installation of the wind turbines, quality monitoring and supervision, environmental compliance and health and safety coordination.

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